Studies in Integrational Linguistics

Studies in Integrational Linguistics (SIL) is a book series devoted to applications of Integrational Linguistics to language description. One volume is to appear every one and a half to two years. Both monographs and collections of articles may be published.
Each collective volume has a thematic focus, bringing together papers in which the Integrational Theory of Language is applied in the study and description of individual languages. Each thematic focus emphasizes a key problem area either in General Linguistics or in the linguistic study of given languages. Individual contributions are devoted to topics in this area.
The Integrational Theory of Language is put to the test in this work, and its further development may and should be envisaged. Even so, emphasis is on applying the theory in actual language description. It is the potential of Integrational Linguistics for descriptive work that will be demonstrated by the solutions to problems arising in the description of individual languages.
SIL 1, the first volume, has appeared. Work on SIL 2 is in progress. Further volumes will be announced.
SIL 1  2008 Explorations in Integrational Linguistics: Four essays on German, French, and GuaranĂ­. Amsterdam; Philadelphia: Benjamins. (= Current Issues in Linguistic Theory 285).
SIL 2   (to be announced)
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