Table of Contents


Lieb, Hans-Heinrich. 1968c.
Communication complexes and their stages:
A contribution to a theory of the language stage.
The Hague; Paris: Mouton.
(= Janua Linguarum, Series minor 71).
Lieb (1968c)
1.   Theory of Language and Theory of Linguistics
2.   De Saussure and the Language Stage: Some Basic Distinctions
3.   Five Saussurean Theses on Language Stages
4.   Languages in Time: Some Problems to be Solved
        4.1    Succession and the Serial Order of Stages
        4.2    The Number of Stages: Finite or Infinite?
        4.3    Initial and Terminal Stages
        4.4    Periods of Languages. Internal vs. External Chronology
        4.5    Languages Within Languages
        4.6    The Problem of a General Concept of Stage
5.   A Scheme for Explicating "Stage"
        5.1    Requirements
        5.2    Basic Idea for Defining "Stage"
        5.3    Discussion: On the Generalization of "Stage"
        5.4    Discussion: Stages as Parts of Communication Complexes
        5.5    Discussion: Stages and Speech. On Means of Communication
        5.6    Discussion: Stages in Time. On the Rôle of Time Measures
        5.7    Discussion: Stages and Systems
6.   Explanation of the Theory
        6.1    Survey
        6.2    Form of the Theory
        6.3    Interpretation
7.   Temporal Relations Between Classes of Space-Time Points
        7.1    Axioms with "Earlier"; "Later", "Simultaneous"
        7.2    "Momentary", "Moment", "Period"
        7.3    "Time Measure", "Length", "Limited in Time", "Continuous in Time"
8.   On Communication Complexes (1): Axioms; "Means of Communication",
      "Communication Complex", "Cross-section"
        8.1    Axioms; "Means of Communication"
        8.2    "Communication Complex", " D-period", "Duration", " D-part"
        8.3    "Cross-section"
9.   On Communication Complexes (2): "Stage"; "Precedes"; "Period",
        9.1    "Stage"
        9.2    "Precedes in D", "Succeeds in D", "Initial Stage", "Terminal Stage"
        9.3    "Period (in)", "Represented by", " D during I ", "Changes"
10. On Communication Complexes (3): Languages and Their Stages
11. Final Remarks: Communication Complexes and Things
Terminological Index for Part II
Index of Axioms, Definitions, and Theorems
Index of Names